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To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

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After-hours, Weekend and Holiday Claims Reporting Directory



1.       Remove yourself from harm’s way! Get to a safe location.


2.       Determine if there are any injuries identified or reported. If needed, CALL 911 for medical assistance!


3.       Acquire as much documentation as you can. Use your cell phone to photograph property damage, drivers licenses, insurance paperwork, etc. BE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD IMAGE!


4.       Capture statements in hand writing, ask for business cards, or on your cell phone recorder from any witnesses or involved parties. Do not admit to anything you are not absolutely sure about.


5.       Contact your Agent if you have questions about a claim before reporting it UNLESS there are injuries and damages that require towing or the Fire Department. In these cases, call your insurance company in the list below. Get the ball rolling!


6.       Report the event to your insurance company personally as soon as possible. Yes, personally as they will want to talk to an involved party.


7.       Take good notes as to names, phone numbers, claim numbers and any other information requested that you need to supply.




1.       Locate and have in hand your most recent insurance ID Card or Schedule of Coverages document. If not available your name and address will be enough to locate your policy.


2.       Have in hand as much information as possible that you have gathered about the event such as Driver Information Exchange forms or Tickets, Case Numbers, witness information, reports or photos, etc.


3.       Look up your insurance company on the list below and call them OR report your claim online if that option is available. If unsure about anything related to the claim where you may want to ask a question, call the insurance company rather than online report.


4.       Take good notes as to names, phone numbers, claim numbers and any other information requested that you need to supply.


5.       Notify us, your local agent, too by calling 800-604-4355 and leaving a message indicating what happened and that you have reported your loss and leave your best contact number for follow-up.


6.       Stay calm and realize although claim events happen very, very fast the aftermath of resolving injuries and damages may take some time to do things right.


Insurance Carrier’s 24/7 Claim Hotlines and Online Self-Report Portals

AIG / 21 Century, 888-244-6163, no online

American Collectors, 800-360-2277 M-F 8:30a-7:00p & Sat 9a-5p EST,

American Modern Commercial, 800-543-2644, no online

AmTrust (Regular Commercial), 866-272-9267,

AmTrust ASP (Our Dealer Program ONLY), 866-272-9267,

ASI / American,  866-2745677, no online 

Chubb, 800-252-4670, no online

Citizens, 866-411-2742, no online 

Dairyland, 800-638-8763, no online

Foremost Auto, 800-274-7865,

Foremost Home and Dwelling, 800-527-3907,

Hagerty, 800-922-4050 M-F 8a-8p & Sat 8:30a-4:30p &Sun Noon-4p EST,

Hartford, 800-243-5860, no online

Imperial Fire, 877-254-6819,

Imperial Fire (FLOOD Only), 877-254-6819,

Kemper Preferred, 888-252-2799,

Kemper Specialty, 888-253-7834,

Liberty Mutual Surety,  610-832-8209 or contact First Insured Insurance Agency 800-604-4355 8a-5p, no online

Markell, 800-262-7535, no online

Mercury, 800-503-3724,

MetLife, 800-854-6011,

National General, 800-325-1088,

Pacific Specialty ,800-962-1172, no online

Pet Health, 866-239-7387, no online 

Philadelphia, 800-987-3373, no online

Progressive Auto, 800-776-4737,

RLI ,800-526-1754, no online

Safeco (a Liberty Mutual Company), 800-332-3226,

Tapco, 800-334-5579 or contact First Insured Insurance Agency 800-604-4355 8a-5p, no online

Texas Mutual, 800-892-5246,

Travelers - Commercial, 800-238-6225,

Travelers - Personal,  800-252-4633, no online 

Unitrin, 800-637-2782, no online

US Assure, 800-987-3373,

Zurich Builder's Risk, 800-987-3373, no online

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