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TREC Course # 30634; Approved for 3 CE Hours 

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Held within our own training facility in the Arboretum, this course is full of REAL LIFE INFORMATION and knowledge that can be applied and put to use IMMEDIATELY by Realtors, agents, and mortgage professionals across Texas. This class is intended to provide tangible value for the personal, professional and financial benefit of those who attend. The topic of 'insurance' is often mentioned during any real estate transaction, seldom actually understood, and almost always put off until the last minute before closing - and this can cause delayed (or cancelled) closing schedules, underinsured (or completely non-insured) property, excessive costs, and a lot of confusion and frustration for everyone involved. There will be a great deal of information presented, but some of the topics to be discussed will include (but are not limited to):

  • The ILLEGAL (and common) insurance requirements most lenders make
  • Insurance policies that are UNACCEPTABLE to mortgage lenders
  • How premiums are calcuated and determined
  • The difference between a homeowners' and dwelling (landlord) policy
  • The various sub-types of homeowner and dwelling policies
  • The difference among various insurance companies available
  • Differences between Captive and Independent agencies
  • Builder's Risk, Condo, and Vacant Property insurance
  • Information on liability coverage and personal risks (that you don't even know you have!)
  • MUCH more.

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Kelly Troy has been an active insurance professional and real estate investor in Texas as well as other states for over 15 years. He is the Vice President of First Insured Group as well as the founder of Insurance For Investors and the former President of Troy Insurance Group prior to its acquisition in 2013. He has written many articles on the topic of insurance for property owners and real estate investors and he was invited to speak at one of the first HomeAway Summits and he has hosted many webinars and classroom-based training events for Realtors and other real estate professionals.  He was also the President of Geneis FUnding Solutions (a private hard-money lending company) and he has founded REI groups and has taught numerous CE and investing courses.

A Few Photos of Our Fantastic Training Room!


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