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If you're a business owner concerned with the liability you have regarding the loss of a customer's infromation through cyber-attack, hacking, or a trojan (not to mention simple human error), below is a fascinating look at data breaches from last year (2015).  The law firm that did this is Baker Hostetler and they handle many Cyber policy breach responses.  They are top notch, and this is a really good look into actual data breaches (over 300) that they themselves have responded to over the last year. 

Baker Hostetler 2016 Data Security Incident Response Report.pdf

A few key points:

  • The range of incident causes is broad
  • All industries are affected
  • The average total cost of a forensic investigation was $102,806
  • Identifying a forensic service provider before an incident occurs should be a priority
  • Regulatory investigations are more common than lawsuits after notification occurs
  • 25% of all breaches happened to businesses under $50M in revenue
  • Frequency and severity are not necessarily correlated

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