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August 24, 2017 10:00 AM CDT - Announcement from Mark A. Cannary, BBA, CIC, CRM, Vice President, First Insured Insurance Agency, LLC a member of the First Family of Companies.

Hurricane Harvey could be the 1st hurricane to hit Texas since 2008!


BE PREPARED for Hurricane Harvey


All First Family Companies and Members of First Insured Insurance Agency, LLC should engage in monitoring conditions related to Hurricane Harvey. The potential for significant development is real. Our primary threats in Central Texas will be from Flooding and Tornado’s. We will likely be on the ‘bad side’ (North and East sides i.e.: the right eye wall area) of the storm for this one depending on its penetration into Texas so vigilance and preparedness is well advised.


This is one of the best links to source of current official information:

Second to that would be your local Emergency Management Centers for local emergent information. For AUSTIN – TRAVIS COUNTY :

As well as local media resources which will keep you informed however may sensationalize the reality. (They are in the business of selling media coverage.)


A good app for your phone or PC is “Tracking the Eye”:

Another good app that will siren alert you of an active Tornado WARNING is “Tornado – American Red Cross”:

The companion app for “Hurricane – American Red Cross” is:

The companion app for “Flood – American Red Cross” is:

Those who have iPhone’s will search the app store for the names in quotes above.

Each of these applications will track the event in relationship to your phone and those you love and care about as they can be entered into the app easily.


Having spent over ten years in Emergency Management, I created in 2006 a Community Services Risk Management Website which I invite you to visit. The Community Preparedness Section in the orange tiles has many helpful links to resources of value. You are encouraged to CLICK ON: Emergency Notification System Registration” tile and register your cell phone with CODE RED which is a REVERSE 911 Emergency Notification System which works quite well. You will be called with a recorded announcement of the impending emergent condition and usually given time to respond accordingly. My website is address is:

This website is a launch pad only. I do not control nor receive any remuneration from any of the linked sites. It is provided on a “best efforts” basis as a community service to my clients and loved ones. If you notice a dead link please notify me immediately. I use this website daily for my risk management activities.  


Don’t forget that redundancy is a good mode for preparedness. Therefore, I encourage all to own and maintain an All Hazards Weather Radio which can be purchased most anywhere outdoor items are sold and maintained with a backup battery including the programming (which is very easy to do) of your Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) code. This will allow the device to only notify you of nearby active events.


As I always say, the keys to reducing your stress is:

  • Be Prepared
  • Do Your Best
  • Give Back

I expect Insurance Binding Restrictions and Moratoriums to be imposed soon.


You are welcome to forward this email as you see fit.


Thank you for your time and safe travels,




July 2017 - First Insured Insurance Agency, LLC

We are now licensed to do business in both UTAH and MISSOURI.


March 01, 2017 - Mark A. Cannary, BBA, CIC, CRM joins First Insured as Vice President Agency Operations

Mark also known as "Mac"

With more than 30 year's experience in the insurance and risk management profession as a direct writer as well as a broker, Mark, has joined the First Insured team as our Vice President.
We are excited to have him on the team and are confident he will lead our organization in unmatched customer satisfaction and agency development.
Special attention will be focused on growing our organization through organic growth and exciting new innovations in customer experience when protecting one's business and lifestyle.
Please click on his photo to review his biography. Review his credentials:


February 14, 2017 - Kelly departs First Insured

We thank Mr. Troy for his prior service and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.


November 13, 2015 - New Worker's Comp Market for Auto Dealers and Higher-Risk Class Codes

In addition to our excellent relationship with AmTrust Financial, First Insured has added yet another strong and very price-competitive market for Worker's Compensation for auto dealers in Texas as well as businesses with high 'mods' or that are otherwise considered to be high-risk! Is your work comp costing too much? Call us for a new quote - you and your business might be very surprised at how much money you can save off of your current WC premiums!


November 10, 2015 - Jim Lechler, CIC joins First Insured as Sales Manager


With more than 25 year's experience in the retail automobile insurance sector as both a direct writer as well as a broker, Jim Lechler, CIC, has joined the First Insurance team as the Sales Manager for the Retail Auto Dealer program.

As a long-time employee of both Harko Insurance as well as Frost Insurance, Jim brings a wealth of niche auto dealer experience to the agency and we're glad to have him as a member of our leadership team. 

Please click on his photo to review his Biography. 


September 28, 2015 - Kelly Troy appointed as Vice President

Kelly Troy, the President of Troy Insurance Group prior to its successful acquisition, has now been appointed as Vice President of First Insured. 

With almost twenty year's of business, insurance, and leadership experience, Kelly has a varied and accomplished background that lends itself to the rapid growth and success of First Insured. Recognized as one of the top 25 agents in Texas by FIG, he was also the founder of "Insurance For Investors" and we are looking forward to future growth and expansion under his leadership.

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